Honolulu Harbor Molasses Spill September 2013

Under the leadership of the Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH), State and Federal partners, Matson, and other supporting entities, continue to address the molasses spill reported on Sept. 9 near Pier 52 in Honolulu Harbor.

Latest Update

Friday, September 20, 2013 (as of 4:30 p.m.)

  • Status of Incident Command for Response Phase

    • The response phase of the incident has officially transitioned to the recovery and restoration phase. The incident command post at Clean Islands Council has officially closed.
    • DLNR will now take the lead as the recovery and restoration phase of the affected area begins.
    • The State of Hawaii greatly benefitted from the assistance of its federal partners, USCG, USEPA, USFWS, and NOAA.

  • Visual Assessments

    • An aerial survey revealed no discoloration attributable to the molasses spill in Honolulu Harbor and Keehi Lagoon.

  • Water Samples

    • DOH Clean Water Branch conducted water sampling at the remaining six locations throughout Honolulu Harbor and Keehi Lagoon.
    • Water sampling revealed that dissolved oxygen and pH levels have returned to normal target levels.

  • Fish Collection

    • To date approximately 26,000 dead fish and other organisms have been collected.
    • One dead fish was collected this morning and none were collected on Thursday.

  • Endangered Species

    • Currently no endangered species are known to be impacted by the molasses spill.

  • Posting of Warning Signs

    • Honolulu Harbor and Keehi Lagoon will re-open to commercial and recreational activity on Saturday morning.
    • All warning signs will be removed on Saturday morning.

  • Coral and Harbor Floor Assessment

    • Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) will take the lead in carrying out the recovery and restoration phase of the Honolulu Harbor molasses release incident.

  • Contact Information & Updates

    Contact information:

    • Department of Health – (808) 586-4400
    • Department of Land and Natural Resources – (808) 587-0320
    • Department of Transportation – (808) 587-2160
    • Matson claims hotline for businesses that have suffered losses from the molasses spill – (808) 848-8300

    Molasses spill updates:

    • http://eha-web.doh.hawaii.gov/eha-cma/Leaders/HEER/Honolulu-Harbor-Molasses-Spill-September-2013

    Other websites:

    • Department of Health – http://health.hawaii.gov/
    • Department of Health Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/HawaiiDOH
    • U.S. Coast Guard – www.uscgnews.com

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