HDOH Pesticide Studies and Coordination with other Agencies

Subsampling stream sediment for chemical analysis

Given the increased community concerns on Kauai and elsewhere about pesticide drift, the HEER Office is providing documents and links addressing various aspects of pesticide use in Hawaii.

Results of State Wide Pesticide Sampling Pilot Project

In partnership with the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) measured pesticides in surface water and sediment at multiple locations in Hawaii. Information about the findings can be found by following the link below.

Investigating Data Gaps for Atrazine

House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) No. 129, H.D. 2, S.D. 1 which was adopted during the 2013 Regular Session, requested the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) to develop partnerships to address the potential data gaps on air, surface water, and near shore effects of atrazine.

Kauai Cancer Cluster Analysis

This report has been prepared in response to numerous community inquiries received by the Hawai‘i State Department of Health and the University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center, Hawai‘i Tumor Registry (HTR) regarding suspected elevated rates of cancer among residents of Kaua‘i. The report concludes that that there is no evidence of higher incidence of cancer on the island of Kaua‘i overall or for specific geographic regions of the island, as compared to the state of Hawai‘i.

Kauai Agricultural Good Neighbor Program

The Kauai Agricultural Good Neighbor Program was developed by the Pesticides Branch of the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) to provide more information and education on pesticide use on the island.

Pesticide Regulation at the Hawaii Department of Health 

The following link from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture describes how the Department of Health’s Safe Drinking Water Branch (SDWB), Clean Water Branch (CWB), Food and Drug Branch (F&DB), and the Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response (HEER) Office are all involved in addressing the health and environmental effects of pesticide use in Hawaii.

Department of Agriculture FAQs on Pesticides

The following link answers some Commonly Asked Questions about Pesticides.

Kauai Pesticide Air Sampling Study Report dated March 15, 2013

This ambient air study was conducted in response to community concerns about pesticide occurrences at Kauai’s Waimea Canyon Middle School during which time some students and staff exhibited symptoms such as throat irritation, tearing, and dizziness. Concentrations of the pesticides chlorpyrifos, metolachlor, bifenthrin, benzene hexachlorides (BHCs) and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethanes (DDTs) and methyl isothiocyanate (MITC) were well below health concern exposure limits or applicable screening levels.