Public Records

To request a record,
-Review the HEER Facility/Site Quick Lookup Spreadsheets (see links below) to find the FacilitySite Name or Case Number identifying the particular record of interest.
-These are the same search fields our staff use to identify a FacilitySite Name or Case Number.
-Complete a Request to Access a Government Record form for each record.
-Use one records request form per FacilitySite Name or Case Number.
-Submit the form to the HEER Office (register first at e-permitting for electronic submittal).

HEER Facility/Site Quick Lookup:
Site Discovery, Assessment and Remediation Section (SDAR) Sites

  • HEER Sites of Interest Lookup Spreadsheet (Updated 04/17/2019) - The Sites of Interest Lookup Spreadsheet includes only those facilities, sites and areas where follow up oversight has been initiated by the SDAR section under HRS 128D (including CERCLIS sites). This list includes all sites for which the SDAR section has an environmental interest, including military sites and older, inactive sites that have insufficient available information to make regulatory determinations about closure.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Section (EP&R) Incidents

Not all FacilitySites, particularly incidents or historic sites, have complete address information, and may be more difficult to identify, so search for:

  • Current or former business operating names
  • Street address - An exact address match (919 Ala Moana Blvd) then the street name only (Ala Moana B).
  • TMK - (121058006) in the TMK tab of the spreadsheet
  • EPA or other Identification Number
  • Key words (AAFES)
  • Zip code (96814)

If you are unable to identify a FacilitySite Name or Case Number, indicate that it was not found and provide all available location and ownership information on the records request form that may assist in identifying the record.

There is a limit of 10 records per requestor per 10 day response period for record requests that do not include the FacilitySite Name or Case Number.

Should more than 10 records per requestor be submitted to the HEER Office without the FacilitySite Name or Case Number, they will be addressed in consecutive 10 day periods in increments of 10 requests each.

Twenty (20) days after being notified that the record is available, if there is no response from the requestor, a request is considered abandoned, and the requestor must start the process again to review the record.

We are transitioning to electronic files, so while many records are available electronically, others are in hard copy format. Upon 10 days notice, files will be delivered electronically or hard copies may be reviewed in person in the HEER Office.

Hard copies of records cost 5¢ per page.

Important Caveats

The office may not be able to identify HEER site record for requests which do not provide either the HEER facility or site name, or multiple identifying pieces of information listed above. Historic records held by the HEER Office may lack complete address information. While many records have TMK information, the TMK has not been determined for others.

Please be advised that the presence or absence of information on reports of spills or releases does not absolve the owner from future clean up liabilities under the Hawaii Environmental Response Law, as amended, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), as amended, or any other applicable state or federal regulations.

See additional instructions for requesting HEPCRA information.

Contact Information for Sending and Picking up Requests 

The HEER Office will notify you by telephone or e-mail of the status of your request. At such time, an appointment can be made for you to review the records.

Our normal business hours are: Monday- Friday from 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Department of Health
Environmental Health Administration
Office of Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response
2385 Waimano Home Rd
Pearl City, HI 96782
Fax: Attn: File Manager (808) 586-7537

File Transfer Web Site:
A Generic External User Account was created to provide Read Only access for members of the public to a HEER web site set up for the transfer of large files:

Use Forms Authentication
Login: HeerFileTransfer
Password: FilesReady!

Since this account will be shared by many members of the public, don’t change the password. Contact (808) 586-4249 with questions.

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